Wednesday, June 18, 2014

"What is it?" Wednesday - Yellow Flower

I was walking in Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park again tonight and found this wildflower growing all over:

I'm not going to do a multiple  guess this week, but I will tell you it was growing in sunny areas and plants were anywhere from 1 to 2 feet high.

Let me know what you think it is! Answer will be next week.

Last week's answer:

The correct answer is c) Virginia creeper.

This was a photo of Virginia creeper just coming up out of a mulched area at the park. If you look at the photo closely, you can count more than 3 leaves. This would eliminate the possibility of it being poison ivy.
Virginia creeper's name is well-earned because it does creep. In fact, it does not stand up and make a bush the way poison ivy can. All of its leaves come from the ground. The vine crawls along the ground and produces leaves, and at some point, the plant anchors itself in the soil as it goes along. The exception, of course, is that Virginia creeper will climb once it finds something to climb on. But, if it can't find anything to climb up, it will just keep creeping along.

This is a photo of me separating Virginia creeper leaves. As you can see, they are anchored to the ground. The 3 leaf objects you see are young Virginia creeper leaves, not poison ivy. I know this because those leaves are attached to the same vine that has 5 leaves on it. (I also know because I planted it on purpose.)

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